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Partner Spotlight: Literacy Volunteers of Broome-Tioga Counties’

Feb 23, 2021 | Blog

One out of every five residents in Broome and Tioga Counties suffers from a literacy issue that negatively impacts their lives.

The ability to read. A skill that many of us don’t think twice about as we complete daily tasks, like sending a text message or reading the nutrition facts on the back of a cereal box. While part of everyday life for some, reading is a skill that others may go without.


Literacy Volunteers of Broome-Tioga Counties’  (LVBTC) actively work to solve this challenge. LVBTC, a program that has been a community service for over 50 years, serves adults by working to improve their ability to read and write, perform basic math functions, use computers, speak and comprehend the English language. These resources are available to those who need them free of cost. How is that possible?


It all lies within the name. Volunteers are matched with students one=on-one to create an individual and personalized curriculum, allowing concentration in subject areas that need more work. Classroom settings are also available and are encouraged to be taken in conjunction with the one-on-one experience to accelerate learning. In addition, employment assistance is available to complete applications, resumes, and successful interviews successfully. Obtaining better employment helps to break the cycle of poverty and lead to great careers.


Arguably, one of the most daunting challenges LVBTC faces is getting these resources to those who need them. “People won’t just come out and say that they don’t know how to read,” says Paul Suarez, Family Engagement Coordinator. In response, networking events are held to reach populations that their services would benefit. Family Fun and Literacy Awareness Day was one successful event that brought families together and informed parents of the resources that could help them. By creating personal, trustworthy connections within the community at events like these, people feel security and safety within the program being offered to them.


Those who need adult education services are encouraged to contact Literacy Volunteers of Broome-Tioga Counties’. It’s never too late to begin a journey towards educational growth!


Support vital services and programs, like those offered by the Literacy Volunteers of Broome-Tioga Counties. You can make a difference in someone’s life. Donate today.


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