Funding- Strategic Community Grant

Strategic Community Grants Program

The mission of United Way of Broome County is to drive change that will have a positive impact on the critical needs of the community by strategically leveraging the collective resources of community partners. United Way of Broome County does this by bringing together organizations, people, and resources to focus on the critical issues in Broome County with the goal of creating systemic change through collaborative, coordinated efforts.

United Way of Broome County remains committed to building a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community where all residents can access the resources needed to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

The Strategic Community Grants Program is the combination of three grant programs:

1. Strategic Priorities Grant Program
2. Basic Needs Grant Program
3. Healthy Lifestyles Coalition (HLC) Grant Program

Strategic Priorities Grant Program

Three building blocks make up United Way of Broome County’s Strategic Priorities that will support efforts to drive systemic change in the community. We are committed to lasting solutions that build opportunity for all.

The RFP details each Strategic Priority that will drive systemic change in the community under the building blocks of Health, Education, and Financial Stability.

Healthy Lifestyles Coalition (HLC) Grant Program

The HLC and its partners understand and recognize that without engaged community members and agencies working together, real changes are not sustainable. The HLC seeks to reduce the prevalence of obesity in Broome County by empowering neighborhood residents to adopt healthy lifestyles and achieve positive health outcomes. Currently, the target area for the HLC are the North and East Sides of Binghamton.


The HLC is a community collaboration that empowers neighborhood residents to adopt healthy lifestyles and achieve positive health outcomes.


To assist with reducing obesity and associated long-term risks for chronic disease in our community; through the promotion of targeted, multi-leveled interventions that improve habits and behaviors related to healthy lifestyles.

Please download the RFP for additional information.

Application Requirements

The Strategic Community Grants Program Application is closed for the 2022-23 Funding Cycle. For additional questions, please reach out to Lindsey Mott. 

LETTER OF INTENT (Due by November 19, 2021)

To be eligible for funding, organizations must complete a multi-step process that begins with a Letter of Intent (LOI). The LOI provides a very broad but concise description of the program requesting funding and the anticipated program outcomes.

If your organization is interested in applying for multiple programs for 2021-2022 funding, an LOI will need to be completed for each program to be considered.

The LOI form has been closed on November 19, 2021. 
Request for Proposals

The Basic Needs & Strategic Priorities Grant Program is now open.

Please download the attached RFP for all information.


1. Program budget

Please provide an accurate, detailed program budget. Please submit the budget using the template here.

2. Agency budget

Please provide the requested agency budgets outlined in the RFP.

3. Financial Statements

Please provide one requested financial report outlined in the RFP.

4. Board List

A complete list of the organization’s current Board of Directors with officers, affiliations, and term dates noted. Please submit the Board of Directors using the template here.