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Day of Action 2022: Results and Opportunities

Jun 14, 2022 | Blog

Held mainly on Friday, June 3, and Friday, June 4, Day of Action harnessed the time and talents of many in our community. To be exact, 126 volunteers gathered at 16 projects in our community. In total, 450 hours were volunteered, valued at $15,565*! United Way of Broome County offers our sincerest gratitude to all volunteers, project coordinators, and advocates who made the event a great success.


Did you miss volunteering for Day of Action? Well, the event continues through the end of June! United Way of Broome County is seeking donations for our Day of Action Summer Camp Drive. Drive items range from frisbees to bug spray and everything in between! Items can be dropped off at the United Way of Broome County office at located at 101 S. Jensen road in Vestal, 9 am- 4 pm Monday-Friday. Visit here for more information and a contactless option! Your donation, no matter the amount, will impact a child in our community significantly. If you would like to give a monetary gift to United Way of Broome County, visit here.


Before we know it, Day of Caring will be here on Friday, September 9, and Saturday, September 10! United Way of Broome County is currently accepting volunteer projects from local organizations, including local health and human service agencies, schools, parks, churches, and attractions throughout Broome County. Past project types have covered a vast array, from reading with children to assisting with business mailings, gardening, painting, beautification/improvement projects, and more.

To post a volunteer project, your agency must have an active profile on the Volunteer HQ. If you don’t already have an agency page, head over to the platform, create an agency page, complete the user agreement, and submit your project under the “Day of Caring 2022” initiative! For more information on how to use the platform, visit here. United Way of Broome County’s volunteer coordinator, Andi Stack, will also be hosting virtual office hours now through the end of the month to assist in navigating the Volunteer HQ and posting Day of Caring projects. Sign up for office hours here!



*Based on each volunteer hour’s current estimated national value ($34.59) according to the Independent Sector.

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