Workplace Wellness: Stress Management



Thursday, May 20 from 9-10:30am

Many of us may have experienced increased amounts of stress and uncertainties throughout the pandemic. Sources of strain can come from anywhere, including work, home, or even internally. Join Jennifer Wegmann, lecturer in Health and Wellness Studies at Binghamton University, as she shares her expertise in stress mindset and response. Professionals and non-profit partners are invited to join this open discussion on cultivating resilience and turning stress into a positive experience.

About the Presenter

Jennifer Wegmann is a lecturer in the Decker School of Nursing, department of Health and Wellness Studies. In 2012 Princeton Review named Wegmann one of the top 300 professors in the country. She received a bachelor’s degree in Biology, a masters in Human Development, and an interdisciplinary PhD, from Binghamton University. Her area of research and expertise lies in stress, eating disorders, and body image.


Wegmann’s research focuses on stress mindset, personality, stress appraisal, and college student well-being. She also authored the audio series Resilience: The New Science of Mastering Stress and Living Well, which teaches how to cope with stressors and avoid creating unwanted stress. The 12 lecture series includes discussions ranging from learning what stress is to how your personality affects how you experience stress.

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