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What is the United Way story?

Jan 8, 2019 | Blog, Press 2019

Have you ever wondered what United Way is? You may have heard of United Way, but do you know what we do?

As a network, United Way is one of the largest non-profits in the world. United Way Worldwide (UWW), is the overarching organization lead. Then there are the local United Way organizations, that fall under the UWW umbrella. That’s where United Way of Broome County comes in.

United Way of Broome County may follow the guidelines that are given by UWW, but we are own separate entity, allowing us to cater to our own community needs. We provide funding to community projects and programs that help people overcome life’s challenges and meet their basic needs so they are prepared to take advantage of all the resources that allow them to build a better life.

As the United Way of Broome County, we fight for the health, education and financial stability for every person in our community. We collaborate with key stakeholders and community partners that play important roles in Broome County and drive change.

We work to ensure our families are empowered and economically stable. We work to ensure our youth are prepared to live, learn, work, and contribute. We work to ensure our seniors are healthy and safe. We are focused on creating solutions that strengthen the cornerstones for a good quality of life. Our community partners receiving funding, our programs and services, like the 2-1-1 Susquehanna River Region, the Healthy Lifestyles Coalition, and the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program, and our donors and volunteers is what makes up United Way. This all would not be possible without the support of everyone in the community. Through the relationships we build, we have the influence and connections to make sustainable change a reality.

Our story is about opportunity. Our story is about change. Our story is about hope. Our story is about the future. Our story is about you.

Join our story. Be the change.