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Basic Needs and Strategic Priorities Grant

The Strategic Priorities Grant Program is one of the United Way of Broome County Community Investment programs that aims to mobilize the caring power of communities by bringing together organizations, people, and resources to focus on critical issues with the goal of making progress through collaborative, coordinated efforts. We work to identify solutions to our community’s strategic priorities that address core issues in the areas of health, education and financial stability. United Way is taking action on what Broome County residents feel is most important by focusing its funding cycles on three Strategic Priorities.

Strategic Priorities

  • Families are empowered and economically stable
  • Youth are prepared to live, learn, work and contribute
  • Seniors are healthy and safe

United Way is also committed to helping Broome County’s most vulnerable populations. Through this RFP, UWBC will fund programs that work to meet the basic needs of county residents. Reducing poverty by meeting peoples’ basic needs and through targeted initiatives will transform the lives of individuals, moving them from crisis to self-sufficiency. We envision a Broome County with vibrant neighborhoods where residents feel safe and can live a healthy, financially stable life with increased access to resources and services.

Applicants are encouraged to call Alexis Savidge, Community Initiatives Assistant, at 607-240-2007 with any questions about the Strategic Priorities Grant Program.



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