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Emerging Leaders Society FAQs

What if I am unable to attend events?

We understand that each of us have very busy schedules, filled with lots of personal and professional commitments. Keeping that in mind, none of the ELS events will be mandatory in order to retain membership. Instead, the minimum requirement for ELS is to attend and participate in at least one sponsored event per year. We hope that you will want to participate in more than just one, but you have the flexibility to decide which event, or events, you want to attend.

What exactly is the United Way and what does it do?

The United Way of Broome County is independently operated and managed by a local board of directors, with an affiliation to United Way World. United Way is the largest non-government funder of health and human service programs in Broome County. Their focus is on building a stronger community by investing in education, income, and health. Through generous community and corporate contributions, the United Way supports more than 40 programs across Broome County each year.

Why is the Emerging Leaders Society affiliated with the United Way of Broome County?

There are nearly 1,800 local United Way organizations around the world and many of those include an emerging leaders group. The United Way gives our group a platform to achieve our mission. It is a recognizable and respected organization that has created a successful blueprint for improving the quality of life in our local community, a goal that is directly in line with our primary goal as up-and-coming leaders. Lastly, since we are all very busy, the United Way will be able to assist our group with programming, administrative tasks, record keeping, and other operational functions.

Joining Broome ELS requires a “meaningful donation” each year to the United Way of Broome County’s annual campaign. What is a “meaningful donation”?

A meaningful donation is a voluntary, monetary gift that should not be nominal, but should be a significant amount to you based on your own financial situation. Since everyone has different financial capabilities, it would be unfair to require a certain dollar-amount. Instead, we ask that you make a donation that is meaningful to you. For some, this may be $20, and for others, this may be $200 or more. The United Way is a federally tax-exempt organization, and therefore, all of your monetary contributions should qualify you for a tax deduction.

Why is a “meaningful donation” to the United Way of Broome County’s annual campaign one of the requirements for membership?

Simply put, we believe that if you want to see Broome County become a better place to live for you and your family, there is no better way to do that than by supporting the United Way’s annual campaign. Because the United Way of Broome County has a sizable foundation that supports its operating costs, 100% of the donations collected during United Way’s annual campaign are awarded to local agencies with high-impact projects. Rather than requiring dues or an entrance fee for ELS, it was decided that your money is better spent supporting the United Way of Broome County, which in turn, directly supports the growth of our community.