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Staying Stimulated while Social Distancing

May 19, 2020 | Blog

60 days.

That’s about how long it has been since the start of social distancing and shutdowns due to COVID-19 in Broome County. That’s a long time for life to be anything but normal!

But who says you have to stay at home and do nothing?

Now more than ever, people have extra time on their hands to do things that they never normally would have been able to.

Keep an open mind! Think outside of the box. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

  • Write a journal. You most likely never go through what you’re going through right now again in your lifetime, so document it! Write down what you did with your day, or how you felt. Use this as a place to set goals, and record how far you’ve come. Use a notebook, or go digital using an app!
  • Take advantage of free information! Now more than ever, you have access to loads of free courses, videos, and resources. From Harvard University to even the local level at the Roberson Museum and Science Center.
  • Revisit your finances! Having a hard time paying bills, or are you just curious about the bills you are paying? Many banks, including Visions Federal Credit Union, have developed programs to help people in this time of need.
  • Read a book. Not much of a reader? Take this time to try it out! Somewhere in your home is a book covered in dust that is just begging to be read. Maybe this will create a new hobby!
  • Go outside. Following social distancing of course! Go for a walk around your neighborhood or play catch with a housemate in the yard. If you do decide to go to one of Broome County’s many beautiful parks, make sure to follow their guidelines.

There are even ways to support local business!

  • Kapow! Art Studio is a local business offering “paint-along” classes via zoom meeting. Learn more here!
  • KW Fitness, a local personal training organization, has been active on social media, offering exercise classes for free! They have even continued working with their clients through zoom meetings, ensuring that they continue their healthy habits.



Whatever you decide to do with your free time, it is important to remember to make the best out of any situation. Take a moment to reflect on how this new-found time has benefited you, and how you will emerge from this better and stronger than you were before.

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