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Partner Spotlight: Mom’s House

Sep 7, 2021 | Blog

Education is crucial for children to learn and grow and for adults to succeed and live impactful lives. When a parent is single and lacking the skills to acquire successful careers, they are often left with a stagnant income and unreliable childcare.

Emily*, a recently single mom in her 20s, found herself struggling to find long-term employment due to her lack of higher education or experience. As she attended her inconsistent work schedule while leaving her daughter with friends and family who offered to help where they could, Emily knew it was time for a change.


Mom’s House, located in Johnson City, NY, actively works to create an environment for single parents to have the resources to further their education while having dependable, safe, and free childcare. Thanks to the staffed personnel and skilled volunteers, Mom’s House can go above and beyond strictly being a childcare service.  While children have the appropriate care and attention, parents can be counseled in life skills, parenting techniques, and nutrition, focusing on enhancing their self-esteem.


Emily discovered the resources Mom’s House offers families in situations similar to hers. Recently accepted into an associate’s degree program at SUNY Broome, Mom’s House provided trained supervision of her daughter and workshops to help cope with Emily’s anxiety.


After two years with the program, Emily acquired her associate’s degree and continues to further her education at Binghamton University, with the confidence to support herself and her family.


Mom’s House works to improve the lives of single parents in our community and does not discriminate against those looking to better their lives. Do you or someone you know think they may qualify or find Mom’s House to be of interest? Check out their website to learn more.


Do you want to be a part of this great work? Consider donating to United Way of Broome County’s Annual Community Campaign to see your dollars make a significant impact in Broome County.


*The mother’s name has been changed to protect identity and confidentiality

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