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National Volunteer Week: 7 Ways to Give Back

Apr 20, 2021 | Blog

We all love to pay it forward. It feels good to do good! Doing good in your community can look like a variety of different things. Depending on your own abilities and the opportunities in your area, there is an abundance of options to help those around you. In honor of National Volunteer Week, here are some ways you can give back to your community.


  • DONATE Donating a monetary gift to a local nonprofit organization in your community is one of the fastest and easiest ways to generate impact. Donating clothes, cellphones, and other necessities are another great way to give to those in need. By donating to United Way of Broome County, 100% of your gift goes to local projects and programs.


  • FUNDRAISE Whether it be a casual Friday fund or even a craft sale, there are many fun ways to fundraise! Fundraising brings your team together for the greater good. Visit here if you are looking to host a workplace campaign.


  • VOLUNTEER Volunteering your time and talent is one of the best ways to give back while also forming valuable relationships along the way! United Way of Broome County’s new platform, the Volunteer HQ, is a great way to access volunteer opportunities near you.

  • ADVOCATE Let your voice be heard! Whether it be in person, over the phone, or even by using the power of social media to reach your local representatives, you can make a change. Find who represents you here.


  • HOST A DRIVE Local organization in your area often need items to assist them in their daily operations. From cleaning supplies, toiletries, and food, there is always a need for these necessities. Host a drive at your school or workplace to collaboratively make an impact in your community.


  • HELP YOUR NEIGHBOR Lend a hand to your neighbor who is doing yard work or who may be struggling to carry groceries. By initiating this random act of kindness, you are strengthening relationships in your very own neighborhood.


  • GIVE BLOOD The American Red Cross is always looking for individuals to donate blood. Help save lives! Find a blood drive near you here.
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