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Making a Difference in the Workplace and the Community

Mar 5, 2019 | Blog

You can make a difference in Broome County.

Looking for a way to make your community a better place without having to wander too far from your workspace? Volunteer to be your company’s United Way of Broome County champion!

The adage “I gave at the office” still rings true. Employers throughout the county provide an opportunity for workers to support their local community through an in-house United Way campaign. In almost every setting, the employer relies on a staff person to be the Employee Campaign Manager (ECM) to work with United Way of Broome County to ensure community health and human service programs receive vital funding to continue their missions.

Why should you be an ECM?
  • You’re helping your family, friends and neighbors! Donations raised in Broome County stay in Broome County. Someone you know has been touched by United Way; through child care services, emergency meals, counseling or getting healthy through exercise or countless other programs.
  • You’ll make an impact in your own office! ECMs learn all about their community and the many resources that make Broome County such a great place to live in. Maybe a co-worker will need help with a family crisis and you just might be able to steer them to the right community program.
  • You’ll get to know everyone in your office by name! Unsure of the name of your co-worker in Shipping who always say hello? United Way campaigns are for everyone and you’ll get to know co-workers throughout the campaign period.
  • Your boss will notice! Leading the campaign is great Professional Development. You will work with everyone at every level of your company and they’ll see what an asset you are to the company.
  • You’ll meet new people at United Way events! ECMs are the messengers for United Way of Broome County and we truly appreciate their efforts. Whether it’s the Holiday Open House, the Campaign Kick-off Breakfast or a Rumble Ponies game, there are plenty of opportunities to make new friends and business contacts.
  • It will be fun! Some ECMs have games, bake sales, and raffles to generate interest in the campaign. United Way of Broome County has plenty of ideas to make sure your workplace campaign goes smoothly and is a fun and positive experience for all.

For more information on United Way of Broome County workplace campaigns, contact Tom Connors at 240-2027 or [email protected] or ask your Human Resources staff.

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