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Emerging Leader’s Society Round Table Discussion- Take 2

Oct 20, 2020 | Blog

United Way of Broome County’s Emerging Leader’s Society is hosting their second DEI-based event! In September 2020, ELS members kicked off their first Roundtable Discussion centered on Race, Racism and Social Justice. This virtual conversation was a huge success, reaching thousands of people in our area.

To continue the dialogue, the society has now brought together a new panel of community members to talk about Macro-Aggressions, Micro-Aggression, Verbal and Non-Verbal Violence on October 21 at 4 pm.


Aggression is hostile or violent behavior or attitudes toward another; a readiness to attack or confront. It can be thinly veiled, everyday instances of racism, homophobia, sexism, and more, that you see in the world. Other times, it can be a more direct insult, errant comment, gesture, or physical attack.


This roundtable is the second chapter in the series, that will really focus on defining the concept of aggression through a racial lens, identify when it’s happening, and how to respond. These conversations are essential to affect change, but they’re hard and uncomfortable.


Panelists include Leah Webb, Korin Kirk, Tyriq DeShields, Colleen Thomason, Karina Martinez, and Nick Spencer, facilitated by Kristen Mann.

Join in virtually and listen in to a timely, interactive, raw, unfiltered conversation with local young professionals designed for you to build character, become a champion of positive cultural change, and cultivate personal and professional leadership skills.


Make sure to register here.

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