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Earth Day: Projects and Programs You Can Support

Apr 13, 2021 | Blog

It’s hard to believe that after the long cold winter, that spring has sprung, and warmer weather is among us! Warmer weather calls for putting away our puffy jackets and breaking out shorts and sunglasses.

Not long after the start of spring comes Earth Day. Taking place on April 22, Earth Day aims to bring communities together while demonstrating support for environmental protection in various ways.


Here are just some of the things you can do to celebrate:

CONSERVE WATER By monitoring your water usage, you can help lessen the amounts of wastewater that is produced. This can be as simple as turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth!

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE The three R’s can be practiced all year round in your own home and beyond. Consider picking up trash and properly disposing of materials that can be recycled.

SHOP WISELY When shopping, consider buying products that generate less harmful waste.

WALK OR BIKE Lessen your carbon footprint by opting to ride a bike or walk to places that are within range.

VOLUNTEER Local organizations are always looking for volunteers to help complete projects, with many opportunities to help better the environment. Signup and check out our Volunteer HQ to find a volunteer opportunity!


There are many local organizations in Broome County whose mission and values align with environmental sustainability and preservation. Take a look at just a few programs in our area that aim to make the earth a better and cleaner place:

The Ross Park Zoo not only educates the public through tours and the zoomobile, but it also strives to ethically and sustainably house its’ animals. The zoo’s efforts towards wildlife conservation have made them a household name in our community since 1977.

VINES, otherwise known as Volunteers Improving Neighborhood Environments, is dedicated to creating sustainable community food systems. Their youth programs, community gardens, and farm share program have given Broome County residents dependable and economical ways of obtaining produce.

Cornell Cooperative Extension Broome County uses Cornell University’s cutting-edge research and Cooperative Extension’s statewide network of agriculture, environment, 4-H youth development, and nutrition teams to ensure their innovative programs serve all of Broome County. CCE’s programming aims to promote healthy families, improved job skills, cleaner environments, successful farms, confident youth, and strong communities.

The Healthy Lifestyles Coalition aims to serve Binghamton’s North and East sides’ residents in combating modest incomes and access to healthy foods, often partnering with CCE-BC and VINES. In addition to their virtual programing, HLC also hosts Fresh Cycles, which works to give bikes to those in need, teach bike maintenance, and host group rides.


Be a part of the great work done in our community. If you are interested in supporting programs like these, consider donating to United Way of Broome County today.

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