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Community Café Conversations and what they mean to you.

Apr 2, 2019 | Blog


Over the past few months, United Way of Broome County has been hosting a series of Community Café Conversations throughout our community. As an interactive conversation, we have been bringing together community members to discuss their aspirations for Broome County. These conversations have been encouraging community members to explore common issues and potential solutions in their neighborhoods, and link people together who have similar struggles and goals for their community.


The purpose of Community Cafés is to gain insight and input from community members regarding economic mobility, health access, and childhood and youth success in Broome County. It is critical to look at the community’s existing successes and opportunities for improvement as our work is dependent on the feedback, data, and direction that we get from the community. The ultimate goal is to shed light on challenges and possible solutions, as well as existing opportunities and ways to build upon them.

United Way of Broome County has focused on both rural and urban areas to gain an all-encompassing perspective of what life is like in Broome County. So far, four Community Cafés have been hosted. The final Community Café Conversation will be held at:

Southern Tier Independence Center on April 9, 2019 from 5:00-7:00pm
135 E Frederick Street, Binghamton


So far, United Way of Broome County has learned an incredible amount from the residents of Broome County. Here are some examples of residents’ aspirations for their community:

  • A safe and drug-free community
  • More opportunities for economic development and business growth
  • More activities for youth
  • Better access to quality health services


If you are interested in attending the final Community Café can contact Alexis Savidge at (607) 240-2007 to reserve a spot. Attendance includes a free dinner, childcare, and a $25 Visa gift card for participants over the age of 18.


United Way of Broome County will compile the information acquired from all of the Community Café Conversations to share with our elected officials, existing partners, and the community. With a goal of identifying new opportunities for collaboration, develop strategies, and mobilize resources to address challenges community members are facing on a daily basis. We look forward to being more effective, more relevant, better mobilize people around issues, and ultimately have a greater impact in the communities.

The mission of United Way of Broome County is to drive change that has a positive impact on the critical needs of our community by strategically leveraging the collective resources of community partners. The Community Café series helps us do just that, as our approach begins with community. Through conversations and research, we identify our community’s most complex challenges. At the heart of the United Way of Broome County is a community of interconnected individuals, groups, and institutions, working together, for the benefit of all.


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