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Ten Simple Ways to Help Our Community Through Your Workplace

May 7, 2019 | Blog

Raising money for a good cause at your workplace not only helps your business make a difference in your community, it can give your staff a morale boost and build camaraderie among colleagues. But it can be overwhelming to decide what kind of fundraiser is right for your workplace — there are so many causes, platforms and ways to raise money. But you’re in good hands! Our team has compiled 10 creative fundraising ideas to help you decide what kind of fundraiser is best for your workplace!


1. Dress Down Fridays

Ask staff to donate a dollar for dressing in casual attire at the end of each week. You’d be amazed by the length folks bound to a professional dress code will go to just for the chance to ditch their slacks and wear jeans to the office. This can improve workplace positivity while making a positive impact on the community.

2. Auction off your Co-workers personal talents/skills

You might be surprised to learn your co-workers have amazing talents! Perhaps one crochets like a pro, is a gifted photographer or is a master baker. Have a group auction where co-workers “hire” each other for a special service. Creating a talents/skills auction will allow you to learn more about your colleagues and who knows, you may have more in common than you thought. Proceeds of this event benefit a local charity.

3. Parking Spot Fundraising Challenge

Much like the privilege of wearing jeans to work, many employees will do pretty much anything under the sun for a prime parking spot. Finding a nice parking spot in the shade that’s close to the door is the true Holy Grail for people working in a big office — and you can offer a reserved spot as an incentive for your employees and colleagues to raise money for charity! Start a team and offer a month (or even a full quarter) of reserved parking for the top fundraiser.

4. Coordinate a Food or Personal Care Items Drive

Whether it is non-perishable foods, diapers, socks or a variety of items, establish a collection point and a deadline. When items are collected, drop off the items as a team and see the impact a united effort makes!

5. Skip Lunch!

In support of Hunger Awareness, perhaps your office mates would consider skipping that burger and fries and donate the cost of lunch to a local food pantry. This can put life into perspective by realizing that a significant amount of people in our community go through this on a daily basis.

6. 50/50 Raffles

Who doesn’t love to win some money! Office members contribute a specific amount of money for a raffle. Winner gets 50% of the total collected, a charity gets the rest. Sounds like a win-win!

7. Fun Run

Get your colleagues on their feet and out of their cubicles with a charity fun run! Find a local track and have participants sign up for the run. Be sure to include all fitness and skill levels by allowing for both running and walking. It is a great way to create camaraderie, get some exercise, and you can get free advertising with customized t-shirts.

8. Loose Change Jar

Loose change weighing you and your co-workers down? Put out a collection jar, select a time period and distribute the collected funds to different charities per month/time period.

9. Holiday Adopt-a-Family Programs

“Adopt” a local family in need at the holidays and create a joyful environment for the entire family. United Way can help connect you to a Family that might need some holiday cheer.

10. Great Office Bake-Off

Bring out your office’s star bakers by holding a Great Office Bake-Off for a charitable cause! Create a team and require participants to raise a minimum amount for the cause of their choice to have their baked goods judged in the competition. Choose categories (the possibilities are endless: cookies, cakes, savory baked goods, tarts … ), select a panel of judges, create your team and then get ready, set, bake!


Looking for other inspiration? Our list is endless! Reach out for more ideas.

Interested in volunteering? Great! Day of Caring is right around the corner. Learn more and sign up here – (hint, hint).

Do you have some great workplace fundraisers you are doing already? Share your ideas below! We’d love to hear about them!

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