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Partner Spotlight: The Deposit Foundation

May 15, 2019 | Blog

In the eastern rural area of Broome County lays a small, quaint town known as Deposit. People here are rooted deep in family tradition, have friendly relationships with nearly everyone in town, and enjoy the peace and quiet environment that comes with residing in a rural town. Although this is a wonderful place, a major issue residents face is transportation. Transportation is especially a dilemma for those who don’t have the capability or means to afford traveling outside the town of Deposit.

Imagine not being able to get to a doctor’s appointment due to a transportation barrier. Whether it be a routine check-up or an appointment to see a Medical Specialist, seeing a doctor, at any stage of life, is a vital aspect to healthy living that is many times not be available unless you drive into the more urban parts of Broome County.


Ann* was one of these individuals who did not have the ability to see a medical professional due to transportation barriers. She had recently been feeling ill and could not figure what was wrong. Her illness began quickly progressing, and she was getting more ill each day.  She was forced to seek out specialty services in the Binghamton area but had no way to get there.

This is where Deposit Foundation came into play. With the gracious help of their volunteer drivers, Deposit Foundation took Ann’s into their own hands. A rotating schedule of individuals in the community volunteer their time to the Deposit Foundation and are able to help hundreds of people each year get to their medical appointments, through the free Volunteer Transportation Program. These volunteers use the Volunteer Transportation van to take individuals and groups of people to appointments where they would otherwise not be able to get to. The volunteers are able to drive directly to the door of the client’s home and pick them up, removing the mobility barrier. This vital service has drastically improved the lives of endless amounts of people, including Ann.

Ann called Deposit Foundation and was able to get her transportation needs correlated with her appointment, which ended up playing a significant role in saving her life.

Ann had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Ann had to endure rounds of both radiation and chemotherapy, taking a toll on her overall well-being. This meant many trips to the Binghamton area were needed to receive treatments, and Ann still did not have personal transportation. Deposit Foundation vowed to fulfill all her transportation needs. This was such a relief for both Ann and her family, lifting the burden off their shoulders. The volunteer drivers took Ann to all her appointments, week-by-week, without any hassle. Even though these became stressful trips, they cultivated relationships that will last for years to come.

Ann was able to receive all of her treatments for her cancer diagnosis and is now living cancer-free! If it weren’t for the Deposit Foundation and the volunteer drivers, Ann’s story may have been different. Thankfully, help was there to get Ann through these very tough times. The Deposit Foundation played such a vital role in Ann’s life that she felt the need to give back. She is now in the process of becoming a volunteer driver and is helping the community out, whenever possible. She knows first-hand the power of community and coming together for the greater good, which empowered her to move forward with becoming a volunteer driver.

Amazing stories such as these are not far and few between for the Deposit Foundation. The Volunteer Transportation Program touches the lives of hundreds of people per year in a rural area of Broome County. The amazing people at this organization work day in and day out to provide this unique service that improves the quality of life for everyone in the community. With funding from United Way of Broome County, this service is a vital part of the Deposit community. Thank you to all those involved in bringing this wonderful service to the town of Deposit.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of individuals in this story.

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