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Good deeds and random acts of kindness during COVID-19

Apr 18, 2020 | Blog

When faced with adversity, some people really rise to the occasion. From small acts of kindness to good deeds affecting hundreds of people, plenty of Broome County residents are doing what they can to help out amid COVID-19 chaos.

  1. Hospital Heroes Meals Binghamton – what started as a small, grassroots project, has become an overall Broome County phenomenon! Volunteers and local restaurants working together to make sure local frontline healthcare workers have a warm meal. Are you interested to learn more and contribute to the cause? Visit the community Facebook page here!


2. In light of the immediate need for disinfectants, local companies have stopped their normal production to produce hand sanitizer. People Grow Together, a CBD company based out of Windsor, and Waterman’s Distillery in Apalachin, have both chosen start producing hand sanitizer to try to meet local needs.







3.  KL Photography kicked off the Front Steps Project. Photographer Kelly L. Mellander is offering to take a quick family portrait, that only takes a few minutes for her  ‘Front Steps Portraits” for families in Broome County. Each photo session is done at a social distance of at least 10 – 15 feet away. After the quick session, she shares the digital file of your portrait.  In exchange, all she is asking is for a good faith donation to Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse (CHOW), who are in urgent need of contributions due to the effects of the Coronavirus. Interested in being part of the project and learning more? Click Here! The Front Steps Project has raised over $4,000 for CHOW in just a few short weeks!

4. HometownPPE.com – Father and son duo have launched a website simplifying the way healthcare facilities and workers can connect with community volunteers producing specific PPE equipment. With an easy-to-navigate interface, the website connects volunteers to those in need with PPE!

These are just a small snapshot of all the amazing things going on in our community. There are countless volunteers who are doing selfless acts, like grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, checking in on friends and neighbors, and so much more that keep this community strong.

Remember, a small act of kindness change positively change a person’s day, week, or outlook.

Thank you to all the extraordinary people out there doing extraordinary work!



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