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sepFall Into Reading

tue05sep3:30 pmtue4:30 pmEarn-A-Bike

wed06sep10:30 amwed11:30 amFood Pantry

thu07sep3:00 pmthu4:30 pmOpen Shop

mon11sep9:00 ammon11:00 amOpen Shop

mon11sep11:00 ammon11:30 amBaby Book Buddies

tue12sep3:30 pmtue4:30 pmEarn-A-Bike

wed13sep10:30 amwed11:30 amFood Pantry

thu14sep3:00 pmthu4:30 pmOpen Shop

mon18sep9:00 ammon11:00 amOpen Shop

mon18sep11:00 ammon11:30 amBaby Book Buddies

wed20sep10:30 amwed11:30 amFood Pantry

wed20sep4:30 pmwed6:30 pmLourdes ACES Family Fun Night

thu21sep3:00 pmthu4:30 pmOpen Shop

thu21sep5:30 pmthu7:00 pmCommunity Cafe: Hands-Only CPR with the Red Cross

mon25sep9:00 ammon11:00 amOpen Shop

mon25sep11:00 ammon11:30 amBaby Book Buddies

tue26sep3:30 pmtue4:30 pmEarn-A-Bike

wed27sep10:30 amwed11:30 amFood Pantry

thu28sep3:00 pmthu4:30 pmOpen Shop


sepFall Into Reading

mon02oct9:00 ammon11:00 amOpen Shop

mon02oct11:00 ammon11:30 amBaby Book Buddies

tue03oct3:30 pmtue4:30 pmEarn-A-Bike

wed04oct10:30 amwed11:30 amFood Pantry

thu05oct3:00 pmthu4:30 pmOpen Shop

tue10oct3:30 pmtue4:30 pmEarn-A-Bike

wed11oct10:30 amwed11:30 amFood Pantry

thu12oct3:00 pmthu4:30 pmOpen Shop

mon16oct9:00 ammon11:00 amOpen Shop

mon16oct11:00 ammon11:30 amBaby Book Buddies

tue17oct3:30 pmtue4:30 pmEarn-A-Bike

wed18oct10:30 amwed11:30 amFood Pantry

thu19oct3:00 pmthu4:30 pmOpen Shop

mon23oct9:00 ammon11:00 amOpen Shop

mon23oct11:00 ammon11:30 amBaby Book Buddies

tue24oct3:30 pmtue4:30 pmEarn-A-Bike

wed25oct10:30 amwed11:30 amFood Pantry

thu26oct3:00 pmthu4:30 pmOpen Shop

mon30oct9:00 ammon11:00 amOpen Shop

mon30oct11:00 ammon11:30 amBaby Book Buddies


sepFall Into Reading