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Laura Lacasse
Health Initiatives Manager at United Way of Broome County

[email protected]

The Healthy Lifestyles Coalition (HLC) came together in mid-2012 to help improve the health of children and families in our community, beginning with the pilot project, Eat Well. Play Hard. Binghamton!, targeting residents in Binghamton’s North Side neighborhood. North Side residents face some serious obstacles to healthy living, such as modest incomes, high rates of obesity, and limited access to healthy foods and fresh produce.

The HLC has seen some success in residents making healthy choices, but our work is not done. There is clear evidence of a need for continued and sustainable programming to address health behaviors and conditions in the North Side community. Tackling a community project of this magnitude can only be successful with the right partnerships in place.

If your organization is recognized for expertise and experience or as one who can make a valuable contribution to HLC’s mission, we invite you to join us! To improve our programs, delivery strategy and foster innovation, we believe it is critical that representatives from organizations across all sectors, including community resident members, all have the opportunity to provide input and share their knowledge and expertise on the matter.

The Healthy Lifestyles Coalition has a lot of new and exciting programs and activities for the coming year and we want you to be a part of the conversation.

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