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Binghamton-Broome Anti-Poverty Initiative

The Binghamton-Broome Anti-Poverty Initiative (BBAPI) is a community-driven effort to break the cycle of poverty in Broome County. By applying the Collective Impact framework to first explore, then address the root causes of poverty, BBAPI focuses on creating systems-level social change to find solutions to the immediate and long-term barriers affecting individuals impacted by poverty.

What is Collective Impact?

Collective Impact is a framework to tackle deeply entrenched and complex social problems. It is an innovative and structured approach to making collaboration work across government, business, philanthropy, non-profit organizations and citizens to achieve significant and lasting social change.

Collective Impact works to bring people together, in a structured way, to achieve social change that includes five essential elements; a common agenda, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, shared measurement and backbone support.



To break the cycle of poverty by engaging community residents and other stakeholders in developing creative solutions to our immediate and long-term barriers through the use of the Collective Impact Model.


We envision vibrant neighborhoods, where residents feel safe and can live a healthy, financially stable life with increased access to resources and services; as well as a community committed to giving voice to all residents and helping create a sense of pride and place in Broome County.

Guiding Principles

Develop authentic inclusive partnerships through respect, trust, and transparency

Focus on a shared agenda that is dedicated to empowering communities and neighborhoods that are in need

Encourage relationship building and community collaboration through purposeful systemic efforts to support the success of every resident




To decrease the impact of poverty by 15% for targeted populations in the City of Binghamton by March 31, 2019.



To decrease poverty by 30% in Broome County by 2030.