Martin Luther King Jr. Day was passed into law as a Federal Holiday in 1983 and was first observed in 1986. MLK Jr. Day was created to celebrate his life and achievements in Civil Rights. In 1994, Congress established that this is a “Day On” rather than a “Day Off.” This year, due to COVID-19, we have some constraints, but we want to celebrate the Civil Rights and Service legacy. We challenge you to engage in activities to educate yourself and your household to understand equity and inclusion while taking steps to become an ally. At United Way of Broome County, we have curated a list of activities and actions that can happen while practicing social distancing.

REGISTER TO VOTE Voting is one way to be civically engaged. Make sure your voter registration is up to date so you can participate in elections, beyond the Presidential Elections. There are local elections like County Legislature, City Council, and School Board Elections. Local elections can be lost or won by one vote. Use your voice to elect people that will work to improve your community by fighting against injustice and systemic racism.


WATCH, LISTEN, AND READ One of the most important steps in equity work is the willingness to become your own teacher. You must become responsible for your own learning, explore the perspectives points of view of others, researching the history, and accepting the implicit bias we all carry.

Catch up on our Round Table Discussions Series, which features timely, interactive, raw, unfiltered conversations with local young professionals.


COMPLETE THE HARVARD LAW IMPLICIT BIAS TEST Biases are social stereotypes about certain groups of people that individuals form outside their conscious awareness. Everyone holds unconscious beliefs about various social and identity groups, and these biases stem from one’s tendency to organize social worlds by categorizing.

HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH A LOCAL LEGISLATOR Find your legislator and then click the websites to locate your legislator’s local office, where you can express your questions or concerns about their stance and past actions regarding equity.


RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS MLK Jr. Day is a “Day On,” not a “Day Off.” In honor of Civil Rights and Social Justice, complete a random act of kindness!


SUPPORT A BLACK BUSINESS Supporting Black-Owned Businesses is a direct way to help members of the black community be successful and have a larger footprint in the community.

Shuna's Hair Studio

Servings all hair types, cut, color, relaxers, kertin treatments, weaves, makeup, eyelashes and more. We also offer a wide variety of salon products for your hair care needs. Check out their Facebook and Instagram!



Adrina Dietra- Luxury Lingerie & Apothecary Goods

adrinADietra is a luxury lingerie brand that strives to offer quality garments and accessories in both a ready to wear as well as a made-to-measure platform, small-batch natural apothecary goods, and coordinating zero waste products.

adrinADietra presently offers various styles of bras, panties, harnesses, slips, chemises, gowns, camisoles, bar soaps, beard oils, massage candles, and more. Each garment and apothecary good is lovingly hand made in Ithaca, NY, by the owner, Adrina Graham.

adrinADietra does also offer custom garment creations from either a standard base provided by them or anything created from their client’s most vivid imaginations while keeping within their standard esthetic.

adrinADietra collections, more often than not, combine inspirations from vintage and antique fashions, objects, and images, as well as charity works and activism in an attempt to make beauty apparent in unlikely places. Typically, the works are categorized into the three branches of thought — deep {dark} desires, extravagant fantasies, and a merging of the two.

adrinADietra product perfectly suits the lingerie lover that will enjoy some of the pieces as inner and outerwear. It also suits costuming and styling industries that work within performance arts such as theatrical engagements, burlesque, television, and movies.


Check out their Facebook, Instagram, and website!

Yohance Bailey Photography

Yohance Bailey was born in Guyana in 1983, He moved to beautiful St. Lucia in 1990 and lived there for 10 years. At 17 He moved to the United States with his family. They lived in NYC until 2006 when they made the move to Binghamton NY.

Yohance has been an artist all his life. Understanding lighting, lines and shadows with his drawing was innate and his first passion. Realizing this was the way he could express his visions, values and creativity.

Searching for a career to support himself, his has a love for people and for the human mind lead him to graduate from nursing school 2009. Yohance has been working as a nurse in different mental health settings in the area ever since.

In 2019 Yohance started a podcast called “Just a Thought Vlog” where he spoke on self-awareness and mental health. Inviting esteemed guest on to speak and offer knowledge in their respective fields. During this time Yohance was sharing photographs on social media and they earned positive responses; which prompted him to study photography.

Yohance started gathering the equipment needed for photography and sharpened his skills. Yohance Bailey Photography was born! With his knowledge and vision, Yohance is able to direct clients who have no experience in modeling and has a unique ability to make clients comfortable in their own skin and in front of the lens.

Now thriving to create a strong team of professionals; Yohance looks forward to working with clients to offer not only photographs but an experience of a lifetime.

Check out his Facebook, Instagram, and website!

Sinful Indulgence

Sinful Indulgence is a full-service catering company that was established in 2010 in New York City and currently serves the Southern Tier of NY. Sinful Indulgence offers creative, colorful, and unique Caribbean fusion food options for almost any diet & budget.

Check out their Facebook, Instagram, and website!

Peggy’s Gems

Peggy makes handcrafted products, many of them are one of a kind. Items include mugs, jewelry, and more!

Make sure to check out her Facebook.


Born and raised in Southern California, this brother (Maurice) and sister (Carol) duo have always been joined at the hip. The bond was so strong that Carol gave up 7 years of classical ballet training because Maurice refused to attend another recital.  Sports became her passion!  Involved in organized sports at a very young age, Carol always looked up to Maurice’s athletic skills and wanted to be just as talented.  Her goal was to be able to beat him at something, whether it was H.O.R.S.E., flashlight tag, the 100-yard dash, or baseball.  He encouraged her competitive spirit and enhanced her skills.  Most importantly, he taught her esprit de ’corps, the art of sportsmanship.  Unknowingly he taught her G.I.R.L. POWER.   Throughout the years they have cheered each other and supported one another during challenging times.  It is no surprise that when Carol wanted to share her life’s passion for empowering girls, Maurice was in her corner.  GOT G.I.R.L. POWER was born out of Carol’s desire to encourage girls (and seasoned women too!) to look inward and realize their potential.  It is not about where one comes from; G.I.R.L. POWER is color blind.  It is not about physical power; G.I.R.L. POWER is about gaining internal strength.  Getting G.I.R.L.  POWER doesn’t happen overnight; it is a journey.   The plush pillows, wristbands, jewelry, buttons and clothing are daily reminders to young and seasoned women on the move that you’ve GOT G.I.R.L. POWER!  And it doesn’t hurt to have a big brother who believes that you’ve GOT G.I.R.L. POWER too!



Check out their Facebook and website!

MCM Realty

Marshall is passionate about helping people find their perfect homes. With such impressive skills, Marshall is sure to land or list your dream home in no time.

Check out his Facebook and website!

Nox Grooming

Nox Grooming is a pet grooming service located in Binghamton, NY. Send them a message on Facebook to have your pet groomed!

West East Real Estate: Kia Morrison

“My background is in counseling and I have always had a heart for helping people. I brought my heart for helping people with me, when I became a Realtor and I have spent the last 8 years using honesty and integrity to help people sell their homes.

To pay forward the success I have had as a Real Estate Agent, I started my own brokerage and created an excellent team of agents who I’ve trained to be successful, honest Realtors who have integrity.

Our team uses the latest technology and print marketing to sell your home. Your home receives:

  1. It’s own Social media page
  2. social media ads
  3. a website page
  4. web ads
  5.  postcards mailed directly to your neighbors
  6. as well as other online marketing… Let’s set up an in-person or online meeting so you can hear our full marketing plan.

Last but not least, Real Estate is my full-time job and has been for the last 8 years. This means selling your home gets my undivided attention. Call today to list your home!”

Check out her Facebook and website!

A special thanks to Sulaiminah Burns for all of her hard work towards empowering black business owners in the Southern Tier!