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A Letter to Our Neighbors

Jun 11, 2020 | Live United

The foundations of United Way of Broome County are rooted in the conviction that we, as a community, stand together, and as your neighbors, we are here to listen and learn. A united community is where people are treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or race, inclusive of all voices and perspectives, and one that embraces different backgrounds. People must be valued for their strengths and the contributions they have to offer. A united community challenges us to fully uphold equity and justice for all, especially people of color and other marginalized communities. This is a painful time. We at United Way of Broome County share the frustration and loss that so many are feeling.

Change needs to happen. Change can only happen if we listen to one another, if we seek to see and understand one another. We must support a community where everyone is valued and respected equitably, not equally. While we do not have the answers, we are working hard to listen and learn, and hear the voices of those who have suffered oppression and have been treated unjustly. As we reflect on the tragic events that include the death of George Floyd, we challenge ourselves and our neighbors to become more unified. In the coming days and weeks, we are committed to advancing the dialogue and remain dedicated to collaboratively building an inclusive and equitable community right here in Broome County. We can and must do better to ensure that every person’s rights and freedoms are guaranteed and protected.   

United, we stand,

LoriAnne Welch
Executive Director