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2019-2022 Community Commitment

Change Starts Here.

For over 100 years, United Way of Broome County has worked to improve lives by creating the opportunities people need to build a better future for themselves and their families. Throughout the years, we’ve made a real difference by supporting a variety of services, projects, and programs people turn to when they need help: assistance in finding shelter, a safe place to be after school, access to warm meals, and disaster relief in times of need.

Times are changing and the challenges facing our community today are increasingly complex.

Meeting immediate needs and focusing on short-term solutions alone isn’t enough. 

Our new Community Commitment Plan builds on a solid foundation laid over the past century and confirms our commitment to do more. It provides clarity of focus about our priorities and a renewed sense of purpose in how we approach our work. We will work to become innovative, more nimble, and better able to respond to emerging priorities. A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion will be embedded in everything we do, and we will challenge both our partners and ourselves to find new and better ways of working together. We will set clear objectives, base our strategies on solid research, and foster partnerships across all sectors to build momentum for change. We will work to ensure success and sustainability, and continue to build awareness and understanding of key issues facing our community. As we drive greater impact in our community, we will also make our own internal operations more efficient and effective.

Our new Community Commitment Plan will strengthen United Way of Broome County’s capacity for making lasting, measurable improvements, in both individual well-being and in community-wide social conditions. 

Our Organizational Priorities

Revitalize Collaboration

  • As part of our commitment to strengthening our community, United Way of Broome County will collaborate with local experts to host supportive services and develop resources for community based organizations, so they can continue to do what they do best – create positive change in our neighborhoods.
  • United Way of Broome County will also actively participate in community advocacy efforts that align with the organization’s building blocks for a better life.



Inspire Giving

  • Over the course of the next three years, United Way of Broome County is committed to evaluating the current Healthy Lifestyles Coalition model and determining best approaches for replication and program expansion in other high-needs neighborhoods, while increasing community engagement in the process.
  • In order to share the story of Broome County, we are dedicated to showcasing the impact and work of funded community partners to those in our community through a series of Impact Tours.
  • To serve our community’s veterans, United Way of Broome County will engage and collaborate to establish a local Mission United affinity group.

Unify Efforts & Resources

  • United Way of Broome County will build our internal capacity and establish the organization as the   local liaison for community-needs assessment data.
  • We will cultivate an environment with diversity, equity, and inclusion.