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Children & Coronavirus

Mar 26, 2020 | Blog

In light of schools closing due to COVID-19, children across America are either at home or daycare, and have a lot of free time.


It is important that these children continue to get their education, and to be continuously stimulated. As the days go on, you may be getting worried that your child isn’t learning, or doing enough educational activities.


Along with what your child has been supplied with from school, here are some additional free learning tools:


  • Lakeshore offers free printable activities
  • Scholastic offers free daily courses, geared to specific grade levels
  • Varsity Tutors offers free interactive live classes
  • Khan Academy is a great free resource that provides extra help in certain areas


Children won’t be getting the socialization that they normally get. They won’t be going to school to see their teacher and friends, won’t be able to go over to their grandparent’s house, and won’t be able to go to their practices. Whatever the case may be, it is important to implement substitutions for these practices. Try scheduling video calls with loved ones or friends.



There is also importance in how you talk to children about what is going on in the world right now. You should be reiterating many of the things that children already know, like washing your hands, not touching things they’re not supposed to, and not to touch your face. It is important that they understand what it going on, and to acknowledge how they are feeling. Ensure them that what they are feeling is ok, and that you will keep them informed.

A great resource about how to talk to your children during these times can be found here.

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