Board of Directors

United Way of Broome County’s Board of Directors is a distinguished group of community leaders whose strategic decision-making and guidance steer the organization. The commitment of United Way board members is not only evident in the time they contribute as volunteers, but by the fact that each board member donates generously to support our work.


Jim McDuffee, Delta Engineers, Architects, & Land Surveyors, DPC

Vice Presidents

Greg Lesko, Lesko Financial Services

Zachary Majka, Empower Federal Credit Union


Brian DeBoyace, Tioga State Bank

Assistant Treasurer

John Stevens, Community Member


Sean Britton, UHS

Board Members

Rachel Abbott, Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP

Debbie Andrako, NBT Bank

Francis Battisti, Community Member

Doris Cheung, Binghamton University

Lesley Frey, Columbian Financial Group

Desiree Ford, Binghamton University

Ann McNichols, Community Member

Robert Murphy, Broome County Office of Employment and Training

Michael Ponticiello, Broome County Office of Emergency Services

Amar Rai, BAE Systems


Lisa Schuhle, Broome County Office for Aging

Nicholas Spencer, Smith Brothers Insurance

Jon Tooley, UHS

Mary Ann Wilcox, Community Member