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Campaign Cabinet Volunteers provide leadership in developing and implementing a successful Community Campaign.

By working alongside United Way staff, Campaign Cabinet leaders build relationships with local workplaces, donors, and community members and implement specific strategies that will bolster giving. The Cabinet raises awareness about our Community Impact work in the areas of Education, Income, and Health. Cabinet volunteers are top executives and community leaders who implement and monitor outcomes within their respective areas of expertise for United Way of Broome County.


Dave Culbertson, National Pipe & Plastics 

Vice Chair, Utilities & Transportation

David Kimiecek, NYSEG

Vice Chair, Non-Profit Agencies

Colleen McCabe, American Red Cross

Vice Chair, Healthcare

Sheri Lamoureux, UHS

Vice Chairs, Retail

Betsy Reynolds, Boscov’s

Vice Chair, Manufacturing

Amar Rai, BAE Systems

Vice Chair, Government

Christina Cramer, Broome County

Co-Chairs, Touqueville Society

Tyrone Muse, Visions Federal Credit Union

Glenn Small, M & T Bank

Vice Chair, Banks, Financials & Insurance

Brian DeBoyace, Tioga State Bank

Vice Chair, Auto Dealers & Food Distributors

Marci Goodwin, Jack Sherman Toyota