North Side Health Coaching Program

Our Work:

Through our work with the North Side neighborhood of Binghamton, United Way of Broome County has developed a pilot project to address the physical health of North Side families, to improve the health outcomes of its residents.  This area has some of the highest rates of individuals living with obesity, poverty, and chronic health issues.  In partnership with Excellus, our goal through this project is to improve the health of families living on the North Side neighborhood of Binghamton, NY, while also addressing the underlying factors that contribute to poverty.  

The Program:

The North Side Health Coaching Program will enroll 20-40 participants per year who will undergo coaching to reach their personalized health goals.  The Coaching Program will include a weekly gathering of participants to provide peer-to-peer support, education, and incentives.  A more intensive 6-month program focusing on diabetes prevention, healthy eating, and increasing physical activity will be followed by a less intensive 6-months maintenance phase where participants will meet once monthly as a group and continue to work on goals with their coach in a more self directive way.  Over the course of the 12-month program participants will be involved in planned physical activity meet ups where they can earn incentives for participation.  At the end of each program year, two graduates will become Peer Coaches for the next cohort of participants.  Each Peer Coach will receive a stipend and specialized professional development training to become health/fitness instructors, enabling them to earn income in the future.  A CDC researched base curriculum will guide the education modules and program.

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