The Community Impact team spends their time building a stronger, more vibrant Broome County. From tackling poverty in our community, to ensuring our children have the skills needed to be successful in college, career, and our community, to giving all Broome County residents have the tools they need to lead healthy lives, this team knows how to get things done! Get to know everyone on the team!

(listed left to right)  

Nasha Taylor, Community Engagement Specialist
•    Nickname: Weezie
•    Favorite color: sunshine or candlelight
•    Favorite food: fried potatoes (french, tater, wedge, etc), fresh smoothies, rice and beans.
•    What inspires you in your work at United Way? Seeing people light up when they are feeling excited, connected, inspired, expansive. I love helping people translate challenges to opportunities and discomfort to adventure.
•    Fun fact: I haven't owned a TV in 8 years - watching TV is absurd to me. My degree is in mass media and communications. I love studying media because it is a powerful, expensive system.

A'ali Tillman, Binghamton-Broome Anti-Poverty Initiative, VISTA
•    Nickname: Alamo
•    Favorite color: Blue
•    Favorite food: hamburger - mid well, lots of onions and bacon
•    What inspires you in your work at United Way? To help change the mind set of poverty in our community.
•    Fun fact: Love to play sports, been with my wife for 18 years, I like to play video games. My main interest is anything positive to help us grow as people.
Kimberli Schwartz, Physical Activity Specialist
•    Nickname: Kimmi, Kimmel
•    Favorite color: Blue
•    Favorite food: Asian/Fusion
•    What inspires you in your work at United Way? I am compelled to improve the health and physical environment of the community I grew up in and reside in.  I am thankful for the opportunity to serve residents and youth in need in my own community.
•    Fun fact:  I am very passionate about protecting the historic architecture of our city, working with our cities youth, and being physically active in our community parks and neighborhood streets!

Kristen Stanton, Healthy Lifestyles Coalition Assistant
•    Nickname: I don't really have a nickname.
•    Favorite color: Purple!
•    Favorite food: Chicken fingers have been a favorite of mine since childhood!
•    What inspires you in your work at United Way? I love helping, inspiring, and educating others. My position allows me to do this, while learning and growing myself.
•   Fun fact: I play ukulele, tuba, percussion, and I sing. I have so far seen France, Israel, and Canada, but would like to visit more countries!

Harlie Wise, Education VISTA
•    Favorite color: Purple
•    Favorite food: Sea Food!
•    What inspires you in your work at United Way? I changed my career path from Chemistry to Public Administration. I want to help people in the most meaningful way that I can. The United Way provides me the opportunity to make a positive impact in my community. Working with the United Way as a VISTA, will help me gain my footing in the nonprofit world, I am beyond excited!
•    Fun fact: This June marks one year since I have completed my 6 year Army Reserve contract! I am also an avid reader and I cannot wait for the United Way Barnes & Noble book fair on June 17th!!!

Cherry Carley, Community Initiatives Associate
•    Nickname: Cherr (Chair)
•    Favorite color: Red
•    Favorite food: Spaghetti
•    What inspires you in your work at United Way? To help people: I feel good when I know that I have helped someone that is less fortunate than me.
•    Fun fact: I had a pet chicken when I was 14, have always been my mom's favorite birthday gift EVERY year, my dream is to see my grandkids graduate from college.

Shelbi DuBord, Director of Community Iniatitives & Planning
•    Nickname: Shel, Shelbz, or my favorite – Shelbzilla!
•    Favorite color: Green
•    Favorite food: Wine
•    What inspires you in your work at United Way? The idea that we could have a profound impact on the community we live in through our work. We are poised to be able to do some really amazing things through a Community and Collective Impact model, and it is very exciting to be a part of a team of people who are 1,000% engaged, inspired, and passionate about making a difference for those who need it most.
•    Fun fact: I lived in Egypt for a summer, and I speak Arabic. I love to garden, and I have an unreasonable amount of fun using Microsoft Excel.

Alexis Savidge, Community Initiatives Assistant
•    Favorite color: Teal
•    Favorite food: Any combination of garlic and bread
•    What inspires you in your work at United Way? I am constantly inspired by the people I work with, whether that be the staff here at United Way or the many volunteers I intersect with. The dedication and the passion that I see in others as we make decisions in, with, and for this community fuels my work and my desire to do more good.  
•    Fun fact: I have an adorable and wonderful 7 year old English Bulldog named Stetson. I've also traveled a lot: I spent two semesters abroad in college, one in Italy and one in the UK!  I can't wait to go back!

Jennifer Strange, Income Initiatives Manager
•    Nickname: Jenn, Jenn-ay (like from Forrest Gump)
•    Favorite color: It depends on my mood. It's been purple for a while now.
•    Favorite food: anything Italian!
•    What inspires you in your work at United Way?: I love seeing the pieces of this community coming together and knowing that people feel empowered because of the work we're doing. I am inspired everyday by the people I work with, not just in the CI department, but all of UWBC. They all push me to do better, to think outside the box, and trust the sometimes messy process in the work we all do.
•    Fun fact: I love to cook for people. There's nothing more enjoyable than knowing that my loved ones are happy and full of good food!

Erin Monroe, Health Initiatives Manager
•    Nickname: In college they called me "Neuph" pronounced Noof..mostly because nobody could pronounce my maiden name Niederpruem.
•    Favorite color: Purple
•    Favorite food: Depends on my mood!  I eat clean most of the time but I have a soft spot for cinnamon rolls.
•    What inspires you in your work at United Way? I'm so inspired by the people around me and their constant work to put people first.  My coworkers in CI have become my sounding board and think tank.  We have insightful conversations and they push me to think differently and respond insightfully, honestly, and compassionately.  This work is often messy and the results aren't always tangible at first, but there is a method in the madness and I love that.
•    Fun fact: My husband and I have a dream to take our children to every continent before they graduate High School.  I want to enrich them with other cultures and experiences and teach them tolerance and inclusion.