We believe nothing is more fundamental to the quality of life in a community than good health and wellbeing.  Working together we can create a stronger healthier community for everyone.

Most people will agree we need to ensure:

  • All children have a healthy beginning in life;
  • All people should have access to health care;
  • Our neighborhoods and homes are safe and free from violence;
  • Our community supports healthy eating and physical activity; and
  • All people have the information and support needed to make healthy choices.

Our Work in Health

  • We are a lead partner in the local Healthy Lifestyles Coalition. The goal of this coalition includes: supporting residents in obtaining access to healthy and affordable food; creating safe places to play and be active; and encouraging residents to become advocates for policy and environmental changes which promote positive health.
  • We participate in several community partnerships focused on health.
  • We help fund programs to advance health across the community.

For more information on United Way’s work in health, contact Phillip Ginter.